Best Android apps on Google Play 2017 (Courtesy: Android Authority)

Android Authority has released its list of best Android apps on Google Play for year 2017.

Let’s have a sneak peek at some of these as to what these apps have to offer.


Top of the list is Express VPN. The most trusted brand in virtual private networks, Express VPN is a must to use especially when you are using sketchy public Wi-Fi. It boasts of an SSL-secured network with 256-bit encryption along with unlimited bandwidth and speed. Present over 100 locations around the world there will always be a location near you to give you the best services possible.


Next is our charts is 1Weather. With a very simple design and easy to understand UI, it provides a forecast of up to 12 hours along with other fun stats.

The free version is the completely full version and the $1.99 in-app purchase only removes the advertising.The app offers weather fun facts which may entertain you. It’s a must-try Android app.

Blue Mail

A great emailing app which features a simple interface, compatibility with virtually every email provider, and it just keeps things clean. There are also a set of smart settings that can help you customize your experience.  A whooping 4.7 rating on Google play is telling the same story.

Google Drive Suite

Still topping the charts is Google drive. Its a cloud storage solution available on Android. All new users get 15GB for free permanently upon signing up. They include Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep. In short, Google Drive is a must have in your handset.

Google Maps

Just like previously, Google maps, remains the best Android App among navigation apps. Almost weekly updates add new features to an already bombarding list of existing features.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is one of those must-have Android apps. A password manager this app lets you save your login credentials in a secure way. On top of that, it can also generate nearly impossible to break passwords for your accounts. All of it is controlled by a master password.

Pocket Casts

Ask for an app from those who enjoy podcasts, they will answer Pocket Casts. It allows you to download or stream various podcasts and is inanely stable and good looking. To add to it comes in light and dark theme, a sign in so that you can sync podcasts across devices.

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