Yes, SDK Fatigue exists

SDK fatigue isn’t any longer a vagary, it does exist and therefore the app corporations need to manage it than ever before. anti-fraud capabilities.

As the mobile industry evolved, numerous SDKs became available to the developers which opened a whole new world of development and monetization. As a large number of SDKs became integrated with the companies’ projects, their business boomed. But like all good there was a downplay with it as well.

Like any other code SDKs were to be managed and optimized and as it is external code it means less control over the code.

Precautions by the development team

Since these SDKs are 3rd party code, it is necessary for app developers to know what is happening in their code.

The SDK must be compatible with the code of the application as well as with other SDKs.

This testing requires huge resources and it’s not something new when developers complain about adding a new SDK.

Ramifications on the selling team
Good app marketers keep asking to feature advanced options that area unit enabled by third party SDKs, and justifiably therefore. Capabilities like analytics, social, selling automation and heaps of additional area units meant to market the app and switch it into a hit.
Furthermore, app marketers endlessly monitor their competitors; they require each new feature utilized by a competitive app, as presently as doable, if doable. So, naturally, they usually approach the dev groups, and ask them to implement this new SDK or that new SDK.
When there’s SDK fatigue, app marketers are asked to not ask for new features. Eventually they give up on innovation, and compromise what they need.This results into stagnation. That’s not good.

But, what to do about it now?

  • Implement processes to monitor SDKs behaviour quickly so that you integrate quality SDKs solely.
  • As associate in app publisher, developer, or vender you must actively explore for tools to assist you consolidate or manage multiple mobile SDKs, ideally real time tools (e.g. attribution firms, in-app protection solutions etc.)
  • Look around, there’smany info concerning SDKs out there. There ought no to begin from scratch, or reinvent the wheel. There are a unit some of SDK marketplaces to assist you and supply info concerning specific SDKs or SDK classes, therefore you’ll get a transparent image on wherever your required SDK is employed and the way it affects performance.
  • Lastly don’t stop new SDKs implementation; you may lose to your competition.

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