Are you on the Right Track for Returning your Users to Drive Sales?

In the present scenario, mobile gadgets and digital technology have collectively put the users in a control. The customary user’s venture ranging from the attention to buy has been taken over with different journeys where both are equally similar. Understanding the user’s engagement at every step enrooted the best way for the advertisers and marketers to render the enhanced user experience aiming to drive the best showcasing outcomes.

AdGyde completely understands such concern that returning user (retention) could leave a strong impact on ROI. Every time app developers spend huge time and money to acquire new users who have never performed a task earlier or have never used their app before. But, getting back to the existing users becomes cost-adequate to make them more excited to use your app again and again.

An app marketer always knows that user’s engagement and retention rates play a vital role where the number of installs is not only mandatory but KPI is, to determine ROI. According to the research done by MobyAffiliates, it has claimed that 1 out of each 4 applications that are downloaded on a smartphone are not even opened, and over 20% of the users relinquish (uninstall) it after using it once. Henceforth, it is easy to keep all those users who have installed your app, keeping them engaged about your offerings to them.

AdGyde helps the marketers and advertisers to build their stronger business and marketing strategies around the users with a superior adoption of technology. Owing to such assistance, you will be served with better results as well as your integrated advertisements and data analytics, just enlighten the below-listed steps:

Engage your user at the centre:

Most of the advertisers strive their best to engage their users at their strategy’s core. AdGyde is one step ahead because it has organized its product in such a manner which tracks the user’s activity in the positive aspects. All such analytics begin with the truth to comprehend the user’s trend and interest.

Cost-per-Sale Campaign & Cost-per-Installs:

CPS Campaign helps in driving more sales from an app whereas, Cost-per-Install concentrates on using advertisements to drive the application installs. The fundamental area of focus is the conversion or actual sale generating form every single click. Such practices help in generating highly qualified leads aiming to build brand awareness completely at no cost to the advertiser. Thus, such campaigns result in low-risk with high ROI solutions.

Push Notification:

The best strategy helps in reaching your users outside from your app encouraging them to open your app. Undoubtedly, engagement rates vary but a push notification can help you to have 40% of the returning users in compliance with the 15-20% of the engagement rate through email campaigns.

Personalized Email Campaigns:

Email Campaigns hold a power to return your user on your app abreast with the high possible chances. Therefore, it has proven to be the best way to reach your users especially when they haven’t responded to your push notification or eventually, they have turned off the push notification. On an average, Email Campaigns have 20% chances to return a user where variation completely depends on the type of your industry.

Deep Linking:

Above all, Deep Linking is the major aspect in coming back of your audience to your app. It’s a process of sending your users to a specified landing page of an app itself, where you want the user to land. Moreover, if a user doesn’t have the installed app then, it would directly take him to the Play Store to install the app and soon after lands the user to that specific page. This process is called Deferred Deep Linking which helps in having a better user experience.

Wrapping Up:

AdGyde firmly believes that forefront the data analytics at one place serves the advertisers, marketers and app developers with more of the chances to carve a stronger, deeper and meaningful relationship with the users. You must know, the journey of a user isn’t a straight line because every user gets involved with different brands across more networks and across different smartphone.

For the savvy advertisers, this opportunity has often become a challenge also in uncovering the user’s trend and interest to produce more tailored results, catering to the user’s needs at the right point in time. AdGyde helps in understanding the user’s journey and helps you in driving the better business outcomes.

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