Configuration of Right Triggered Events Leading More User Action

You own an app but how will you come across your app’s business model streamlining your business flow user behaviour. Based on the type of your app, what all action would you like that your users must perform? All such queries end at app’s one component i.e. Event

Prior to going in-depth, it is important to know about Events…

Event is an action performed by a user inside an app. It’s an important way of tracking user behaviour with the most creative content in the app. Whereas, events are totally based on the genre of an app such as it can be:

· Sign Up Event

· Category’s Selection Event

· Add-to-Cart Event

· Transaction Event

· Level Completion Event

· Video / Audio Streaming Event

and a lot more.

Next comes the Event Frequency…

It shows the frequent activities of a user within an app that how many times and how frequently does a user triggers an event.

Let’s take an example of Food App.

User Login (Event 1) → Adds Food to a Cart (Event 2) →Final Transaction (Event 3)

Therefore, in this instance, it is clearly seen that a user has performed 3 different and separate events wherein, event frequency will be 3. Thus, how many times an action has been done is called Event Frequency.

Different Events for Different Apps:

For any app, there is no other way to track the metrics without a robust mobile measurement tool as well as a personalized dashboard. Most of the important metrics of your app may not be available to you which can prove a detriment to your app. Thus, AdGyde tracks the important metrics and measures all the in-app activity results that could help the advertisers in making a rational marketing decision.

It believes that tracking the meaningful events can help you in discovering the user’s segment which simultaneously would improve your business.

Event Tracking

The user engaging content or attractive offering within the screen of an app that encourages a user to perform certain actions can only be measured via Event Tracking. However, event tracking can include anything such as Clicked ads, Video Plays, Menu Selections, Purchases and a lot more.

AdGyde tracks the events with its event tracking setup using its valuable parameters which have made it exceptionally simpler in making us understand:

why events are so special and important for any app?

· Event identifies Valuable Users: To understand the post install behaviour, the advertiser needs to know that who all users open the app regularly, which users are making some purchases, etc. Thus, by creating in-app events which must be aligned with the KPIs, you can discover the valuable users and measure their activity.

· Understanding the User’s Behaviour: To understand the user’s interest and behaviour, in-app events are the beneficiary factor. This is because it would help you in creating a personalized campaign to attract and engage the existing users.

How Events can be tracked?

Depending on the type of an app, AdGyde tracks the events allowing the advertiser to view and measure the user’s behaviour within it. Using it, you would be easily able to view the actual stats about the events triggered wherein, triggered events can be an impression, ad click, login, registered, purchase, etc. Additionally, AdGyde also shows a daily basis report of the top triggered events.

For instance:

If a user is using a video streaming app which has different categories such as Style, Beauty, Science & Tech, Art, Food, Music, Dance, etc. You want to know the users who have triggered events on all the categories. So, events can be easily set up on all the categories which will count and calculate each triggered event.

With AdGyde, advertisers can be facilitated in multiple ways with 4 types of events.

1) Simple Events: Simple Event is simply used for counting the event’s frequency. Placing this event in an app at an appropriate position is the easiest because it doesn’t involve any parameter. If a user clicks an event “N” times then, “N” will be reflected on the dashboard. Furthermore, Simple Events are also very supportive in building the Conversion Funnels.

Conversion Funnel involves major events in discovering valuable users. It usually tells the flow of users triggering different events. Fundamentally, funnel represents the sequential steps followed by a user to perform some task or to achieve a certain action.

2) Counting Events (quantitative events): The major characteristic of the Counting Event is that it shows the frequency relationship amid the given parameters value concentrating on the events within the category.

3) Computing Events (qualitative events): It helps in tracking the accumulative values which means that if different products are available on an app then, they might have different weights. Suppose a user explored a cosmetic app which has varied varieties such as Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer, and Cleanser. The cost of Shampoo is ₹100, Conditioner is ₹90, Moisturizer is ₹180, and Cleanser is ₹200. A shampoo is purchased by 5 users, conditioner by 4 users, Moisturizer by 2 users and Cleanser by 1 user.

So, computing event will be calculated as:

Cost of Shampoo x No. of Events: 100 x 5 = 500

Cost of Conditioner x No. of Events: 90 x 4 = 360

Cost of Moisturizer x No. of Events: 180 x 2 = 360

Cost of Cleanser x No. of Events: 200 x 1 = 200

Thus, in any event, the most prominent way of representing the percentage of the given parameter is Computing Event. Moreover, such events also focus more on the event’s quality and thus are also termed as the Weighted Events.

4) Unique Events: Unique Events are helpful in tracking the triggered events once in a time slot. How many times an event has been triggered, it will be counted once only. This analyses the unique number of users acquired from a different partner in a given time frame. Three different forms of Unique Events are shown by AdGyde such as Day Wise Unique, Lifetime Unique, Custom Unique.

Wrapping Up:

AdGyde allows the advertisers to record the post-install event whilst attribution of the right source. You can easily use in-app events in analysing the user behaviour with your app, as well as the quality of the users originating from different partners/channels. AdGyde highly recommends the best-reflected events based on the genre of your app.

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