Do you Go Right in Analysing the Business’s Successive Goals?

Owning an app is easy but determining its business streamlining model pertaining to the user’s behaviour sometimes become critical to analyse. Where app marketing focuses on pre and post-install user behaviour, there ranges n-number of questions such as how in-app measurement could be a vital component for an app’s success, how to essentially optimize the campaigns and much more.

To answer such questions, our previous blog post enlightened such concerns giving a deep introduction of Configuration of Right Triggered Events Leading More User Action. This blog would help you in solving all your queries towards the triggered in-app events generating the best out of the app’s performance.

What does In-App Event mean?

Any post-install user’s action within an app is termed as In-App Event therein, it can be anything such as Login, Add-to-Cart (Ecommerce Apps), Level Completion (Gaming Apps), Tutorial Completions (Tutorial Apps), Linking Pan Card Credentials (Fintech Apps), etc.

Advantages of In-App Events:

  • Helps in better campaign’s optimization
  • Determines the loyal users
  • Understands the user’s post-install behaviour inside an app
  • Users who open an app on a regular basis
  • Analyses Conversion Funnel

and much more!!!

Thus, with all such concerns, In-App Events allow in knowing the strongest and valuable users wherein, such events must be aligned with the set KPIs to achieve the desired goals. In addition to this, the Mobile Measurement Tool helps in analysing the rich data parameters which are also termed as rich in-app events.

Enlighten the concept of Rich In-App Events with a help of example (in the context of Ecommerce App).

Rich Data Parameters report that who all users have made transactions while completing a purchase, what items have been purchased by the users and at what price. Alongside this, Rich In-App Events is beneficial in understanding the purchased driven by different campaigns. Owing to this, any advertiser is able to apprehend the user’s Lifetime Value (LTV) abreast with the generated potential traffic on an app via varied media sources or channels.

Therefore, it can be analysed that anonymous information is contained within the triggered events inside an app which showcases that Events act as a backbone in analysing the success of any application. AdGyde Mobile Measurement Tool strongly relies on determining the performance of an app by measuring the triggered events generating conversion funnel whilst analysis of valuable users. For the savvy advertisers, it could play a prominent role in informing and measuring the achievement of your business’s goals via complete analysis of Events triggered by the users inside an app.

Campaigns fulfilling business’s goals…

Advertisers would come across the campaigns meeting business goals with analysis of In-App Events that tell which media sources more or less drive the potential traffic i.e. valuable users and leads in increasing the LTV of existing users.

Encompasses problematic Funnel Flows…

With a core focus on the data points including the User’s Flow from one screen to another, it becomes easier to analyse the stages that encourage users either to be less engaged or to drop off. Afterwards, such insights could result in better optimizing the user experience in various ways such as promotions through some paid channels, etc. Doing so would also result in progression of Conversion Funnel abreast with streamlined user experience.

As of now, it can be understood that in the mobile analytical universe measurement of app performance specifically the post-install activities and user behaviour becomes essential for data-driven growth. Simultaneously, on the other hand, the enormous in-app events become difficult to measure in the conversion funnel.

Acquiring New Users are not Enough…

Patently, in-app analytics is an essential part of the growth and success of any app. Thus, AdGyde understands that it’s good to get the new users but if they can’t get engaged with your app’s offerings or content then, such users would not contribute anything towards your business.

Hence, AdGyde’s clutter-free Dashboard solves all the queries recognizing the importance of in-app events evaluating your business’s powered growth efforts. Its metrics make it easy to understand which all initiatives lead to in-app engagement, post-install. You can have a comprehensive real-time view of all 4 types of Events (Simple, Counting, Computing and Unique). Suppose if you own a Fantasy Game App, you can track the triggered events such as “create team”, “winner” “top 5 ranks” etc. or if you own an Ecommerce app then, you may track the events like “registration, add-to-cart, transaction” and much more.

AdGyde’s Event Tracking System makes it easy for an advertiser to gain key insights of the users who get onboarded on an app from different marketing campaigns and optimize your app’s business accordingly. Having said that, you can come across the success of your app marketing efforts aligned with the essential KPIs as well.

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