Does your Deep Link work Right in Acquiring Users?

In the hustle bustle of the recent competitive era, a fundamental user gathering is insufficient. Users have turned out to be familiar to sustain hyper-customized information to their venture. If you don’t have a platform and device that concentrates on techniques and the targeting strategies, you might miss on generated your potential revenue. Surely, no one of us could afford to miss the revenue.

On the other hand, the process of Retargeting is an extraordinary way to bait back the users who haven’t engaged in the application for some time or have dropped off. It’s helpful to boost your users with explicit offerings to continue utilizing your application.

Furthermore, not considering a propelled platform like AdGyde for mobile measurement is a genuine impediment to your promoting efforts. So, don’t stress, we got you secured. This platform easily makes use of the deepest analytics in making the trailblazing sections.

Deep Linking:

It’s a misconception that all forms of Deep Linking are same. However, there is always some variation associated with it depending on the advertiser’s concerns. However, not using it in the right way could cause you a loss of losing your Valuable Users. AdGyde briefly explains what is it and why it is important?

Creating the user journey from any channel into the application is a worthy effort. Here, Deep Linking is appropriate in achieving such goals.

For Example: Suppose, a user notices the advertisement of a watch on his device. He clicks on the advertisement with an intention to buy that watch. Here, a Deep Link would take the user to directly land at that specified page within the app. Hence, it gives the better controlling to the advertiser to target the potential customer.

This process gets applied across different channels every day via social campaigns, emails, paid advertisement etc. A user clicks on any of such modes that are Deep Linked and gets redirected to the specified page. To give an optimal user journey, it’s important to use it in your advertising campaigns to assure that the users get targeted at the specified landing page within the application. With such a process, there is a high probability to increase the transaction (especially in the case of E-Commerce applications).

On the contrary, when it comes to Deferred Deep Linking, it explains the principle of a user hasn’t installed the app yet. In such a case, Deep Linking will be Deferred until the user installed the application. It indicates the clicking to open the app store/ play store enabling a user to install the app and then land the user on the specified page.

Segregation via LALs:

Lookalike Audience referred to the users based on the demographic data representing the population of the users which most of the times gather your existing custom audience. Once you attain the Lookalike Audience, you can easily target the Valuable Users or quality users where you could spend your marketing cost. AdGyde helps you in quality segregation of your users showing you the right way of spending and making cost.

For Example: If we talk about an E-Commerce app, where transaction plays a vital role. If 20% of the users are making some transactions and purchasing then, this 20 % would be your Valuable Users despite others who dropped off, certainly.

What AdGyde does?

AdGyde would help you in a thorough understanding for more growth of your business via a quality Cohort analysis nurturing and polishing the strategy of your users and audience. It makes use of the facts and informative data to master your campaign optimization targeting the refined segmentation in optimizing your marketing and advertising cost. Therefore, with Deep Linking feature, you will be able to organize, create, acquire and analyze your users abreast with a heavy revenue. This would not only assist you with the users, in fact, would also help you in acquiring the best quality, Valuable Users. 


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