Gaming – The New Booming Space: How companies are leveraging on data to stay on the race!

Truly, with the steady rise of the mobile, gaming apps have exploded. Undoubtedly, the genre of gaming apps is constantly attracting the users simultaneously helping the advertisers in acquiring more users by featuring broader innovations.

AdGyde mobile measurement practices briefly tell the app marketers that: 

  • What do their users do in the gaming apps?
  • How much time does a user spend on it?
  • How many levels has he crossed?

and a lot more activities that remain associated with it.

The rise of users and time spent by them:

According to Source: The Power of Mobile Gaming in India’ released by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Kantar IMRB in association POKKT, Gaming is the new market opportunity for the app marketers which also drives the force behind the growth of the app’s market. Where there are 250 MN+ mobile gamers in India, the daily average time spent playing mobile games is 60 Mins+.

For an advertiser, it is mandatory to know that:

  • How many new and active users does he acquire?
  • How the users on the app are interacting within it?
  • What activities do they perform in the app?

In fact, there are lot of questions to enlighten and needs to be taken into consideration for the app that has been installed in the user’s device.

There is a saying of W. Edwards Deming “Without data you’re just another person with an opinion”. Therefore, AdGyde’s Mobile Measurement practices give the accuracy in the data, especially the attribution results helping the advertiser to make ROI driven rational decisions on the marketing cost spent. Moreover, being an advertiser, you would be also knowing the average time spent by a user in a given day on the app, session duration and session count as well.

Growth based on the type of games downloaded:

Since 2016 to 2022, the number of games in India has grown exponentially. In 2016, there were 201 MN gamers, 268 MN in 2018 wherein 2020 and 2022 it is expected to have an estimation of 326 MN and 368 MN gamers in India. It is clear that in every 2 years, the count of gamers is increasing. Where the majority of the gamers i.e. 92% prefer free to play games, 28% of gamers prefer freemium games and 11% prefer to pay to play games. Below mentioned is the tabular form of the stats that would make you understand the concept clearly.

      Increasing Trend of the Gaming Users:                     User’s Preference according to Type of Game Downloads:

             Asterisk (*) denotes expected number of users.

Most of the times, people prefer to play Free to Play games because these games can be accessed without paying. Therefore, 92% of users prefer these games as compared to Freemium games and Pay to play games. On the other hand, it can be seen that 28% of users prefer Freemium games than Pay to play and Free to Play games. This is because, Freemium games which itself means “free” & “premium” is a pricing strategy in which, free of charge services are provided, however, money is charged for some additional services or features. Apart from this, 11% of users prefer Pay to play games which are very less in comparison with Free to Play games and Freemium games. Reason being, some payment is required in Pay to play games prior to using its features or services for the very first time. Thus, it all depends on the interest and preference of the users that what type of game do they enjoy playing the most.

In addition to this, we are the key player in tracking the installs that how many users have installed your application, what age group do they belong, what their gender is and how much time do they spent on an app on daily, weekly and monthly basis? Moreover, these games are not only restricted to males, in fact, females are also equally playing the games of their preferable genre. It is interesting to know that women are equivalent to playing games than men. Where 57% males prefer gaming applications and 73% non-gaming applications, women are also on the same track because 43% of the women prefer gaming over 27% non-gaming applications that can be of any genre based on their interest.

Additionally, the source also shows that more than half of the gaming users i.e. 50% users are 24+ which states that the categories, as well as the genre of the gaming application, have no limit.

Users belonging to 18-24, 25-34, 35-54 and 45-54 age group are 47%, 33%, 15% and 5%.

On behalf of this data, the most stunning part is that we are here to serve the advertisers to take their burden off from their shoulders showing the metrics of user’s demography. Several times, it becomes brainstorming for the advertiser to differentiate the percentage of users belonging to different age and gender. Suppose 35% of females of age group 14-25 and 65% males of age group 26-35 prefer playing freemium games. Thus, AdGyde demography metrics would easily show this distribution with a clear understanding that at what aspect does an advertiser can improve his offerings including the overall performance of the application.

In fact, it has also stated above that the daily average time spent playing mobile games is 60 Mins+ in which there could be ‘n’ number of sessions. So, not restricting to the Demography metrics, this mobile measurement tool also shows the session count and session duration trend of users. Suppose, a user is playing one of the Free to Play games of his choice so, how many times does he open and close the app would show the session. If he opens and closes the app 10 times a day then, his session count is 10 and if he spends a total of 12 minutes on the app then, his session duration will be shown as 1 min and 12 secs (= 12*60/10).

Wrapping Up:

In view of the increasing stiff competition in the gaming industry and in order to be one step ahead of the race, it is imperative that mobile gaming companies always look out for reliable access to fast, effective and critical information (like installs, session information, etc.) in their fingertips to analyse and act in a timely manner. By accessing data through reliable mobile measurement tools like AdGyde, helps to takes away the loads from the app marketers, enables them to focus on the tasks which will help them cementing their place as leaders of the game in their respective domain.

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