How to Make Your Campaign Tracking More Effective?

Prior to going in depth of the context, one must know what exactly the Campaign Tracking is and how it works?

Tracking the success of your campaign is very much important. Let’s see why? With Campaign Tracking, you can see what works the best and what does not which helps the advertiser to increase its effectiveness.

How AdGyde defines Campaign Tracking?

AdGyde optimizes your campaign through different ad networks referring to the methods that keep a track especially from where the installs are originating. It also helps in analyzing the following:

• New users

• Returning users

• In-app events

• In-app revenues generated for both the advertisers and ad networks

Know the importance of AdGyde’s Campaign Tracking

Overall, it helps in improving the performance of the campaigns across the user acquisition cycle. While it is a way of increasing the user’s interaction within the application, however, users often drop off (uninstall) it for some reason that needs to be monitored to increase the user Retention as well. It shows that Uninstall is one of the major indices that helps the advertiser in the necessary optimization of the campaign and the user’s quality in a broad spectrum.

For any advertiser, it generates a better & a positive user experience leading to know that Retention leaves a stronger impact on ROI because app marketers spent a huge amount to acquire new users. Therefore, app marketers know that the Retention Rates play a major role where KPI is equally important than the number of installs in determining ROI. Thus, it’s easy to keep those users engaged who have installed your app with your offerings. So, the advertisers and marketers would be assisted in establishing a stronger business with the right tactics of the Campaign Tracking abreast with a superior adoption of technology. Definitely, with this, you will be served with better results.

On the contrary, if you have the platform which doesn’t focus on the targeting strategies then, you might miss on your potential generated revenue. Undoubtedly, no one could afford to miss potential revenue. In such a situation, Retargeting is the best way to get back the users who would help in boosting your revenue and continuous utilization of your application.

Alongside this, you may also enhance the performance of your campaign with other features such as Deferred Deep Linking and often detect the fraud traffic from the campaign determining the Fraud Install from AdGyde Fraud Detection module.

Majorly, Deep Linking is the strongest aspect of getting back the users towards your application. It’s a procedure where a user lands to a specific page within the installed application. Else, if there is no app installed then the users will be taken to the Play Store to launch the app and sooner would land him to the specific content’s page. This process is also known as Deferred Deep Linking that also helps in having a better user experience.

Also, for any advertiser, it is important to know about the genuine and Fraud Installs. AdGyde focusses both on the install and post-install fraud providing genuine facts depending on the same. It believes that advertisers flow the money on advertisements and targeting campaigns to get more of the genuine installs. Here, Fraud Installs couldn’t be overlooked because generated traffic from it could cost you a major loss. Thus, it provides superior transparency with the accuracy in the data for fraud analysis.

Campaign Tracking and AdGyde

For any marketing campaign and mobile advertising, targeting is very essential for its success. It can be done better by analyzing and identifying the app’s user base especially, Deep Linking, Cohort, Retention, Fraud Detection, and Returning Users. All such components are necessary for successful Campaign Tracking because it would help in discovering the users which the advertiser wants to pursue.

AdGyde is the Best Analytical Tool that helps the advertisers in identifying targeted users in measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns and improving the ROAS.

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