Measure your App Uninstall trend and create approach in re-engage with you acquired users

Only acquiring users for your App do not complete your KPI you set across your campaign. You need to keep them engaged with your app. Measuring App uninstalls can give you insights of your user lifecycle in boosting your approach to re-engage them. A recent data facts tell us that users generally uninstall their app in Average span time of 5.5 days after their last session on App. AdGyde though its #FREEMIUM Mobile App Analytics tool provides you with campaign and channel wise uninstall trend of your app, that will help you in boosting your approach to re-engage with your acquired users.Request for demo today at or write to us at #InAppAnalytics#AppInstalls #AppUninstalls #UnInstallTrend #ReEngagement#IntelligentTool #FREEMIUM #AdGyde

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