Programmatic Advertising and Re-Engagement

Back in the early days, app marketers would spend substantial time in getting users to install their apps. Today, app install is still one of the most common key performance indicators (KPI) in an app marketing campaign.However, now in the competitive mobile app industry, app marketers have a bigger challenge at their disposal.

What exactly is this challenge?
As quality users is now the main focus of app marketers, number of app installs have taken a back seat. Since, High-quality users are the ones who drive stronger retention, return on investment (ROI), and several other post-install metrics by staying engaged with the app for a long duration quality of users is now a point in focus. These high-quality users are the ideal users for any app. Unfortunately, many app marketers find themselves stagnated because several of these engaging users who have either stopped engaging or uninstalling the apps within a few days of installing them. The users have either forgotten about the app or are no longer interested in the app, however, app marketers can re-engage these users to re-install or start using their apps again through a retargeting campaign.

What is Re-Targeting and Re-Engagement on mobile?
Retargeting being taken centre stage app marketers are now interested mobile. Informed marketers are already running mobile retargeting campaigns. Retargeting goals can vary campaign by campaign.Driving retention, engagement, and ROI are some of the most common campaign goals. The main idea is to get a user who has abandoned the app, whether they stopped using or uninstalled the app, to re-engage the app. Engagement will differ for each app category. For example, a shopping app marketer’s goal can be for user to return to the app and checkout the products in their cart. On the other hand, a game app marketer’s goal can be for user to update the app and keep playing until level 5.

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