Recognize the Genuine or Fake Installs Prior Paying for it

Today, Advertising Fraud is a genuine concern to enlighten in the business. This article doesn’t focus on performance app marketing rather concentrate on install as well as post-install fraud. AdGyde’s analytical tool is prominent in providing genuine facts based on per fraudulent installs. Helping you from fraud prevention, it would serve you with the preventing solution to exclude the same.


With the excess use of mobile devices, advertisers/publishers have drastically increased the cost of the mobile advertisement. With the flowing money on advertisements to get genuine quality installs, fraud installs cannot be overlooked. The traffic generated from it could cost you more than you have ever imagined. So, to prevent you from the same, AdGyde gives complete transparency in the accurate data for fraud analysis. Owing to such a tool, you can easily hit and raise your targets without paying a penny for the fake installs.

How Mobile Fraud Affects you?

As already mentioned above that fraud installs can majorly cause you with a huge loss that you have never even though of. Let’s know it in detail that how it affects?

With wreaking of your data, Fraud Installs can:

  1. Disturb your Budget: The amount gets paid for the installs that don’t belong to the real users.
  2. Hide your ad networks: It restricts you to know that which channel and ad network is delivering high-quality traffic.
  3. Disintegrate your data accuracy: It stops you to see the data patterns which help you spend smartly.

To prevent your application from Fraud Installs, this analytical tool would help you in analysing all the installs event. Ranging from the server spamming, a user with several clicks to the partners who charge for the organic installs, AdGyde has built a prominent analytical tool to stop such fraud and malpractices protecting you from each sort of a phony engagement.

Therefore, according to Juniper Research (source), digital fraud affected 60% of advertisers to lose approximately $19 billion in 2018 which is expected to reach $44 billion by 2022. Undoubtedly, Fraud Installs is a major concern that needs to be stopped. The problem doesn’t end here because there are different kinds of frauds that are mentioned below:

  • Click Fraud: It generally happens when fake installs are generated via a bot on the device of a user, with no advertisements displayed to the users. Click Fraud includes the repeatedly clicking practice with an intention of draining revenue from the advertiser’s end.
  • Click Injection: This fraud only works on Android and is one of the most dominant kinds of fraud. Click Injection happens especially when the malicious application obeys to the other applications install as well as trigger clicks prior to the installation gets complete. In this way, it gets to claim the credit for the application install even if it was not responsible for the same.
  • Bot Traffic: Bot Traffic is called the automated script that runs to stimulate behaviour. According to the 2018 Bad Bot Report by Distil Networks, it has stated that around 21.8% of all Internet Traffic is of the malicious bot which means that 1 of every 4 users to your app is a bot.

Alongside this, there are various forms of frauds such as incentivized traffic, domain spoofing as well as misleading advertisements which the fraudsters make use of it to misguide the advertisers about the traffic’s source.

AdGyde analytical tool helps in identifying the fraudulent activities in a most sophisticated manner. It monitors the amalgamation of factors such as IPs, Clicks, Click-to-Install at run time allowing you to make the right decisions and to take corrective actions, immediately.


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