State of Mobile App Marketing for User Acquisition Strategies & Tactics

User Acquisition in the mobile app space…

“User Acquisition – a process of onboarding new users on an app via organic and non-organic networks”.

You have launched an app but how will you make it renowned in the market. How your target audience will get to know about it? You will be seeking for the helping hands such as ad networks, publishers or sub-publishers to get users for your app. Moreover, when you will be acquiring users, you would require an attribution tool to serve you with the user’s count, sources from where the users have been originated on your app, running campaigns from a different ad network, channel and partners, and a lot more concerns.

Does it Sound Right???

Before knowing about the entire process ranging from acquiring users to attributing the originating source, it’s better to apprehend what User Acquisition is?

User Acquisition:

A procedure by which new users are acquired on the mobile app via some market-driven activities. A user can be acquired in 2 ways:

  • Non-Organic Ways or Paid Media Marketing: It uses the channels to show the responsive ads which encourage a user to install and launch the app. Advertisers are required to invest money through some prominent channels which can help it to acquire quality new users.


  • Organic Ways: Acquiring the new users where the money is not involved, instead it’s all about the efforts to make an app visible in the play store or app store. Moreover, via the organic way a user himself finds your app hence, there tends to be a possibility of having the highest number of sessions and retention rates as well.

Well… What if, you have acquired new users but how will you identify the Valuable Users, and how will you detect that the originating new install is a genuine install, or a fraud install?

It’s true that acquiring users in the mobile app space is essential and effective meanwhile, its strategy also faces some challenges too. With a speedy competition in the mobile app space, mobile app users make use of a handful of apps on a daily basis. Thus, discovering such users who would be seriously using your app regularly becomes challenging which a mobile measurement tool helps to deal and tackling with the same. Henceforth, to take your queries at an end, AdGyde Mobile Measurement Tool could assist you with tracking of the acquired new users in real-time, attribution of originating source, description of all the necessary inputs whilst effectiveness in the results of User Acquisition.

Additionally, the best strategies of acquiring new users help the advertisers in promoting and distribution of their apps which have also proven to be a learning curve amongst a huge mass. Alongside having the good sources, advertisers also spend time in finding out the best factors to increase ROI simultaneously analyzing and designing the budget for User Acquisition.

Most of the times, Advertiser (sells his traffic to a publisher) → Publisher (purchases traffic from advertiser & sell it to the third-party group i.e. sub-publisher) → Sub Publisher (purchases from the publisher and don’t deal directly with the advertiser) to get installs. However, this breakdown is also based on some KPIs where users also get some incentive for installing an app.

In such a case, where there is a Traffic Buying process, there could be a high possibility of getting a huge amount of the Fraud Install by means of any fraudulent practices which an advertiser is totally unaware about. Here, a prominent Mobile Measurement Tool like AdGyde can assist you to tell the difference between the generated installs from different campaigns and different channels i.e. fraud and genuine and can also check who all users are using your app. This would be helpful for the advertisers to pay only for the channel which has driven the high engagement level and not for a traffic blend.

Alongside this, suppose you have set some events to be triggered on your app on some specific pages such as Sign-up, Transaction (based on the type of your app and set KPIs), etc. to acquire and engage user then, with AdGyde you could come across varied factors where a user performs some activities triggering the events and performing some certain actions.

Thus, after acquiring a user from any of the ways, it’s better to rely on such an attribution tool which can easily track all kind of the user’s metrics on your app like acquired users, active users, re-engaged users (deep linking), users acquired from the deferred deep link, etc.

Challenges in User Acquisition

With the rising growth of Mobile App Ecosystem, there is no denying the fact that some challenges are also associated with User Acquisition. These challenges are bound with different factors in the emerging markets that have made it a bit difficult for the advertisers.

  • Fraud Installs: In the emerging mobile app marketing, fraud installs are exponentially expanding itself. Fraudster continuously develops the new tactics to drive a pool of installs, eating up of the installs whilst harming your budget, etc. Hence, with AdGyde’s anti-fraud solution, you will be easily able to fight with the fraudulent practices and will have a secure User Acquisition, Cost Saving, Data Safety and a lot more.


  • Stiff Competition: Every app in the app store or play store competes with varied apps of the same genre wherein, it has seen that the growth of Mobile App Installs has taken rise since 2017 and is expected to be grown by 56% till 2022 (source: TechCrunch). With such a competitive pace, advertisers face an alarming challenge in their app’s promotion and increased visibility amongst the new users. Hence, if your app doesn’t get visibility during the search process then, probably you won’t be able to acquire new users.


  • Organic Traffic: Organic Traffic comprises of all the users who have found their own ways to your app. Hence, optimizing the organic traffic whilst convincing the users to use your app is one of the strategies in establishing the base for valuable users. AdGyde successfully tracks and compare both the type of traffic (organic and non-organic) and help you in retaining and engaging your users.


  • Technology Expansion in India: Emerging markets have been strongly influenced by the changes in technology’s expansion through which, the growth of mobile app usage & mobile devices has been also affected. In India, the users have been found using outdated operating systems in the mobile device which have slowed down the app’s performance wherein, operator speed and poor connections equally played a common role affecting the user experience of the app. On the other hand, the data which is the important mode in reaching a new audience can also affect your app in losing its users. This is because, if an app uses huge data to download and function then a user might decide not to install it.

A drastic transformation in Indian Mobile Ecosystem

In recent years, Indian mobile ecosystem has become exceptionally expansive where the swift growth seen in the app market is a result of easily accessible data, vast population, and demands for the latest smartphone devices. Hence, in accordance with Statista, in 2018, app downloads jumped by 50 billion, 197 billion in 2017 and 149 billion in 2016. Moreover, a projection has been made that the total number of app downloads will jump by 352 billion till the year 2021.

Furthermore, App Annie also stated: since 2017-22, it is expected that the mobile economy will grow 200% in 2022. Truly, in India, the number of app downloads will beat the other app markets such as the US, Brazil, and Russia by the end of 2022.


Catering to the needs of App Marketers for different mobile apps, a prominent solution is here which can be easily implemented to increase User Acquisition without any hurdles. In present times, users tend to spend more time on mobile apps engaging themselves more on smartphones and tablets. This shows how important are mobile apps wherein, 80% of the user uses up to 3 apps most frequently.

AdGyde Mobile Measurement Tool can easily help the app marketers to overcome such challenges ensuring the visibility of their apps amid the new users by both organic and non-organic ways.

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