The Impact of COVID-19 on Indian App Ecosystem!

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted hundreds of thousands of people’s lives with uncertainty. With this pandemic, the global economy could cost upto $2.7 trillion. Though affected late, India too is experiencing this disruption in the economy and going by the early estimates, India’s economic growth in FY21 is expected to take a major hit on its overall GDP growth.

Many Businesses have seen a considerable impact on their current business line. We at AdGyde have tried to analyse how this pandemic has affected App Marketers and how Mobile Apps have seen a major shift in number of New installs, Sessions and Active Users largely in last two weeks of March 2020.

From mid of March, major app categories like Travel, Hospitality, Food Delivery, e-Commerce, etc. has witnessed overall downward trend. However, apps related to News and Gaming has seen a rapid surge in terms of New Installs and overall user engagement within the app in terms of Active Users and Sessions. Contrary to the above categories, there has been no significant change in Fintech category with overall flat or slightly late upward trend

The COVID-19 impact on New App Installs, Active Users and Sessions across Indian Mobile Apps.

Based on AdGyde’s internal analysis, since 21st March, 2020, there has been a gradual upward shift in New Users numbers by 6.01%, Active Users by 5.76% and overall Sessions by 8.34% among all App categories. On the other hand, we analysed Delhi and Maharashtra to be the top two states where New Installs have increased at a rate of 6.34% since Lockdown was imposed by Government of India, resulting in serious disruption in domestic and economic operations.

We at AdGyde analysed how this pandemic has affected overall Indian Mobile App ecosystem with emphasis on three major categories Gaming, News and Fintech and the opportunity it holds for App Marketers in the coming few months.

Gaming Apps

Gaming Apps have seen a major increase in Active Users from 3.16% in first week of March to 5.89% in fourth week with a shift of 2.73%. Because of current lockdown situation imposed, people are spending most of the time at their home and finding new ways of indulging themselves.

New User count has also increased from 3% in first week of March to 4.12% in fourth week of March. The Daily Average Sessions spent on the app has also increased considerably from 3.09% to 5.15%.

Furthermore, Delhi and Maharashtra are the two states that have maintained its dominating position amid the top 5 states in New Installs.

Gaming industry is on the rise and is expected to continue in coming months and this situation could be a blessing in disguise for this genre.

News Apps

As more and more people are constantly hooked to News Apps to get their hourly dose of latest updates on COVID-19, News Apps have seen a steep rise across New User, Active Users and Sessions.

Active users have increased gradually from 2.84% in first week of March to 2.94% to steep rise of 5.92% in fourth week of March. New App Installs have witnessed sudden surge from 1.38% to 9.01% fourth week of March. Users are spending most of their time reading latest updates and information from around the globe resulting in rise in overall Sessions spend from 1.62% from first week of March to 8.39% fourth week of March.

Among all the states, Delhi and West Bengal tops the chart for New Install count.

Understanding the current trend, News Apps will keep on witnessing this shift in next coming few weeks till the situation improves.

Fintech Apps

Fintech Apps such as Short Loan apps, P2P Lending apps, Credit Score checker apps have seen a fluctuating trend in the new numbers from first week of March to fourth week of March.

Active User numbers have dropped from 3.91% in first week of March to 3.61% in fourth week of March. In the same period, New installs have also dropped from 4.01% to 3.83%. This drop in number is probably due to the current lockdown situation imposed and downfall in e-commerce and food delivery apps. Overall Session duration of users has also fallen from 3.94% in first week of March to 3% in fourth week of March. However, in the last two days of fourth week of March, there has been slight upward trend noticed in both New User Installs and Active Users and hence there is a possibility that trend in Fintech apps will move a little upward in coming few weeks as Govt. and state administrations are also working out to help e-commerce and food delivery apps to resume their operations.

Here, Maharashtra and Telangana are the top two states that have maintained its dominating position amid the top 5 states in New Installs.

Looking at the Future


Amidst the time when most of the businesses are struggling with challenges to sustain their current business line, we are all hoping to get pass this pandemic soon. The need of the hour, however, is to quickly and diligently re-strategize existing business line and come up with sustainable short-term work arounds.

We at AdGyde are working closely with our Indian Clients in this challenging situation and making every possible effort to extend our support by providing extensive deep data analytics of in-app user behaviour, so as to optimize on ad spends and help them to make informed business decisions.

We shall keep you posted with further updates in coming weeks. Till then, stay safe and stay indoor!


Team AdGyde

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